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Aruna Pro Match Ball

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The Aruna Pro Match Ball provides clubs, schools, and players with an affordable upgrade from the replica-style equipment that youth programs often use. You'll notice the difference in quality from the moment you hit the pitch with this design! Available in two different color options, players can strive toward an entirely new level of play when Aruna is added to their training regimen.

  • FIFA Professional Quality Soccer Ball
  • 32-Panel Thermally-Bonded Design
  • Material: Superior Wear-Resisting Golf-Style Texture; 0.8mm PU+1 polyester layer + 3.0mm
  • Air Mattress Bladder: Cotton-Wrapped 80% Butyl Bladder
  • Weight: 410-450g
  • Circumference: 68-7

"I ran our Aruna Pro Match Balls for our U15 vs. U14 scrimmage this week, and I was honestly shocked at the difference in play quality. Although it’s subtle, the replica balls we were using from a major brand had inconsistent movement that required more adaptive play. Using those Levo balls brought technique to the game that had been missing, allowing us to teach more tactically - which was great!"

- Graeme Sandlin, North Whidbey Soccer Club