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Levo comes from the minds of former professional soccer and futsal players who want to see the game grow. We focus on youth and adult players, providing unique and innovative apparel, high-quality equipment, and fair pricing to make the beautiful game more accessible to everyone.

We offer customizable uniforms and soccer balls with low minimum order quantities. Whether you need something for your youth camps, new gear for your club, or custom kits for your squad, Levo has a solution for you.


Our mission goes beyond providing today’s players with tomorrow’s opportunities to fall in love with soccer all over again. We provide camps and clinics, host small-sided tournaments, and offer development opportunities throughout North America. Our team also partners with Victoria Soccer Academy in Kenya and N.P.H. in Central America to bring the world’s game to any child who wants to play.

From building pitches to transforming youth clubs, Levo has what you need for your soccer journey. Let us help you strive for your definition of excellence!